On the path to React Navigation v1 #

April 26, 2017

When we announced React Navigation earlier this year, the core team was blown away at the community's overwhelming excitement and support for the new project. Since the launch in late January, hundreds of contributors have sprung up, reported detailed issues, and committed important fixes to the library.

With several community members preparing to put apps in production, the highest priority for the core team is to refine the final v1 API, and stabilize it to make sure your apps feel rock-soild.

Today we're excited to announce the release of beta 9, which iterates upon the initial API. Although you will need to modify your screen navigation options for this upgrade, we are very confident in the new API. Our goal for future v1 releases is to avoid making any breaking API changes - we are now focused on filling in essential missing features, and stabilization.

The community has experienced some thrash by a few of our earlier beta releases. So, starting with this release, we will include detailed release notes about any API changes, new features, and bug fixes.

After the stabilization and release of v1, we're excited to explore new ways of customizing transitions, and overriding navigation components. There are some exciting proposals about these new APIs, and we look forward to the community's feedback and involvement.

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