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· 8 min read
Brent Vatne

We are excited to announce the release candidate of version 3.0 today!

This is the first release where React Navigation depends on a native module outside of React Native core: it now depends on react-native-gesture-handler. This library provides an excellent set of primitives for leveraging the operating systems’ native gesture APIs and has enabled us to fix a variety of issues with stack and drawer navigators. React Navigation also depends on react-native-screens, but you don’t need to install the native module if you prefer not to use it (we have a blog post coming soon that will explain what react-native-screens is and why you may want to use it, or you can watch this talk by the author of the library).

· 5 min read
Brent Vatne

Exactly two months after the release of React Navigation 1.0, we are close to another major version release. We’d like to invite developers that use the library to give the release candidate a try in your app and let us know if you encounter any issues.