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Version: 2.x

NavigationEvents reference

NavigationEvents is a React component providing a declarative API to subscribe to navigation events. It will subscribe to navigation events on mount, and unsubscribe on unmount.

Component props

  • navigation - navigation props (optional, defaults to reading from React context)
  • onWillFocus - event listener
  • onDidFocus - event listener
  • onWillBlur - event listener
  • onDidBlur - event listener

The event listener is the same as the imperative navigation.addListener(...) API.


import React from 'react';
import { View } from 'react-native';
import { NavigationEvents } from 'react-navigation';

const MyScreen = () => (
onWillFocus={(payload) => console.log('will focus', payload)}
onDidFocus={(payload) => console.log('did focus', payload)}
onWillBlur={(payload) => console.log('will blur', payload)}
onDidBlur={(payload) => console.log('did blur', payload)}
Your view code

export default MyScreen;