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Version: 4.x

Screen tracking for analytics

This example shows how to do screen tracking and send to Google Analytics. The approach can be adapted to any other analytics SDK.

Listening to State Changes‚Äč

import { createAppContainer, createStackNavigator } from 'react-navigation';
import analytics from '@react-native-firebase/analytics';

// gets the current screen from navigation state
function getActiveRouteName(navigationState) {
if (!navigationState) {
return null;
const route = navigationState.routes[navigationState.index];
// dive into nested navigators
if (route.routes) {
return getActiveRouteName(route);
return route.routeName;

const AppNavigator = createStackNavigator(AppRouteConfigs);
const AppContainer = createAppContainer(AppNavigator);

export default () => (
onNavigationStateChange={async (prevState, currentState) => {
const currentRouteName = getActiveRouteName(currentState);
const previousRouteName = getActiveRouteName(prevState);

if (previousRouteName !== currentRouteName) {
// the line below uses the @react-native-firebase/analytics tracker
// change the tracker here to use other Mobile analytics SDK.
await analytics().logScreenView({
screen_name: currentRouteName,
screen_class: currentRouteName,