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Version: 4.x


The purpose of SwitchNavigator is to only ever show one screen at a time. By default, it does not handle back actions and it resets routes to their default state when you switch away. This is the exact behavior that we want from the authentication flow.

API Definition

createSwitchNavigator(RouteConfigs, SwitchNavigatorConfig);


The route configs object is a mapping from route name to a route config, which tells the navigator what to present for that route, see example from createStackNavigator.


Several options get passed to the underlying router to modify navigation logic:

  • initialRouteName - The routeName for the initial tab route when first loading.
  • navigationOptions - Navigation options for the navigator itself, to configure a parent navigator
  • defaultNavigationOptions - Default navigation options to use for screens
  • resetOnBlur - Reset the state of any nested navigators when switching away from a screen. Defaults to true.
  • paths - Provide a mapping of routeName to path config, which overrides the paths set in the routeConfigs.
  • backBehavior - initialRoute to return to initial route, order to return to previous route, history to return to last visited route, or none.


See an example of this on Snack.