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Version: 5.x


The useLinkBuilder hook lets us build a path to use for links for a screen in the current navigator's state. It returns a function that takes name and params for the screen to focus and returns path based on the linking options.

import { Link, CommonActions, useLinkBuilder } from '@react-navigation/native';

// ...

function DrawerContent({ state, descriptors }) {
const buildLink = useLinkBuilder();

return state.routes((route) => (
to={buildLink(, route.params)}

This hook is intended to be used in navigators to show links to various pages in it, such as drawer and tab navigators. If you're building a custom navigator, custom drawer content, custom tab bar etc. then you might want to use this hook.

There are couple of important things to note:

  • The destination screen must be present in the current navigator. It cannot be in a parent navigator or a navigator nested in a child.
  • It's intended to be only used in custom navigators to keep them reusable in multiple apps. For your regular app code, use paths directly instead of building paths for screens.