Introduction #

Learn once, navigate anywhere.

React Navigation is born from the React Native community's need for an extensible yet easy-to-use navigation solution based on Javascript.

React Navigation is the result of a collaboration between developers from Facebook, Expo and the React community at large: it replaces and improves upon several navigation libraries in the ecosystem, including Ex-Navigation, React Native's Navigator and NavigationExperimental components.

Getting Started #

If you're already familiar with React Native then you'll be able to get moving with React Navigation in minimal time.

  1. Quick Start Quickly get a grasp on the React Navigation API with demonstrations of the StackNavigator, TabNavigator, and DrawerNavigator.

  2. Simple App Dive into the basics of React Navigation by creating a new React Native project, installing React Navigation, creating your first navigator, and learning how to interact with it.

  3. Navigation Playground Curious of the various capabilities of React Navigation? Browse the official example app, which will demonstrate various patterns with React Navigation.

  4. Community Contributions With the flexibility of React Navigation we won't be able to cover every possible situation, but another developer may have! Browse our list of community contributions to find topics that may answer your questions.

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