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Version: 1.x

SwitchNavigator reference

SwitchNavigator(RouteConfigs, SwitchNavigatorConfig);


The route configs object is a mapping from route name to a route config, which tells the navigator what to present for that route, see example from StackNavigator.


Several options get passed to the underlying router to modify navigation logic:

  • initialRouteName - The routeName for the initial tab route when first loading.
  • resetOnBlur - Reset the state of any nested navigators when switching away from a screen. Defaults to true.
  • paths - Provide a mapping of routeName to path config, which overrides the paths set in the routeConfigs.
  • backBehavior - Should the back button cause a tab switch to the initial route? If yes, set to initialRoute, otherwise none. Defaults to none behavior.


See an example of this on Snack.