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Version: 5.x


We might want to render different content based on the current focus state of the screen. The library exports a useIsFocused hook to make this easier:

import { useIsFocused } from '@react-navigation/native';

// ...

function Profile() {
const isFocused = useIsFocused();

return <Text>{isFocused ? 'focused' : 'unfocused'}</Text>;

Note that using this hook triggers a re-render for the screen when it changes focus. This might cause lags during the animation if your screen is heavy. You might want to extract the expensive parts to separate components and use React.memo or React.PureComponent to minimize re-renders for them.

Using with class component‚Äč

You can wrap your class component in a function component to use the hook:

class Profile extends React.Component {
render() {
// Get it from props
const { isFocused } = this.props;

// Wrap and export
export default function (props) {
const isFocused = useIsFocused();

return <Profile {...props} isFocused={isFocused} />;