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Version: 7.x


The useTheme hook lets us access the currently active theme. You can use it in your own components to have them respond to changes in the theme.

import { useTheme } from '@react-navigation/native';

function MyButton() {
const { colors } = useTheme();

return (
<TouchableOpacity style={{ backgroundColor: colors.card }}>
<Text style={{ color: colors.text }}>Button!</Text>
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See theming guide for more details and usage guide around how to configure themes.

Using with class component‚Äč

You can wrap your class component in a function component to use the hook:

class MyButton extends React.Component {
render() {
// Get it from props
const { theme } = this.props;

// Wrap and export
export default function (props) {
const theme = useTheme();

return <MyButton {...props} theme={theme} />;